10.08.2006 Tokyo, JP

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Tokyo, Japan
Zepp Tokyo
Summer Sonic Festival Warm-Up
Japan Tour
August 10th, 2006

01. Foreword / Don't Stay
02. Somewhere I Belong
03. Numb
04. From The Inside
05. Lying From You
07. Papercut
08. Points Of Authority
09. With You
10. Runaway
11. Reading My Eyes
12. Faint
13. In The End
14. One Step Closer
15. Crawling
16. My December (Piano Version)
17. Breaking The Habit

Shows Notes:
- This was Linkin Park's first show performance of 2006 and was considered the "warm-up" show for the Summer Sonic dates that followed that weekend.
- 'With You' featured a new intro - a shortened version of the intro used to open the show on the Meteora World Tour in 2004.
- Chester started singing the 'Crawling' chorus vocals on the long Reanimated intro for the first time at this show.
- This was the first time the band did a piano/vocals outro on 'Breaking The Habit'.
- 'One Step Closer' didn't have it full extended reanimated bridge version played, it was shorten.

- ‘QWERTY’ made it live debut at this show. The band didn't played the song as the way it was written, it was shortened a little. The song was put together a little sloppy due to the band schedule shows in Japan. They play the song this way because they wanted to give the crowd a gift for being absent for a few years. 'QWERTY' wasn't written for 'Minutes To Midnight', it was written for the Japan appearance since they haven't been back there since October 2003.
- ‘Reading My Eyes’ made it live debut since 1997 when the band was under the name Xero but this time it was played under the name Linkin Park. The band at the time said that they had to download an mp3 of the song from a fansite to rehearse. Once they started rehearsing, it all came back together quickly and they decided to play it.
- This is the first time ever that Rob did the two flam double beat on 'Points Of Authority', he usually does two flam single beat in between the two chorus at the end of the song. which the song was played as it studio version, beside it long intro and the hits at the end of the song.
- The true studio style for 'Dont Stay' was played. Rob used the snare instead of the bottom toms-toms at the end of the song.

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