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[edit] January

[edit] February

The LPU Tour takes off. "Somewhere I Belong" is debuted as a single on February 24th with the same name of the music video. The first episodes of LPTV also debut online.

[edit] March

Meteora was released on March 25th worldwide. LPTV's Meteora run and the LPU Tour come to a conclusion, with one pre-show interview and Q&A with fans at The Wiltern.

[edit] April

Linkin Park Underground held a roll call for LPUers in the Los Angeles to film the video for Faint. Projekt Revolution 2003 launches, though with the first show getting canceled by a snowstorm, and the last shows getting cancelled by Chester Bennington becoming ill.

[edit] May

Chester Bennington is hospitalized due to severe abdominal pains, which cancels the bulk of Linkin Park's planned shows in the European Tour 2003.

[edit] June

Chester spends most of the month in the hospital, with the doctors having difficulty diagnosing his problem. The LPU creates a tempory email address to send get well letters to.

[edit] July

Linkin Park embark on Summer Sanitarium, filming two concerts for Live in Texas. Linkin Park get pranked by Lars Ulrich on stage during the filming. LP retaliates by having a peaceful picnic in the middle of Metallica's stage, with Chester skateboarding around while they are trying to perform.

[edit] August

The band decided to record their performance from Houston and Dallas, Texas to be put on a DVD for fans and to show them the "live experience of Linkin Park"

[edit] September

Numb is released as a single, along with its music video.

[edit] October

[edit] November

Live in Texas is their first live album released on November 18th in the USA, along with the LPU fan club CD of LP Underground 3.0.

[edit] December

For the first time during a concert, Linkin Park brings a fan onstage to play guitar on Faint. The band make an appearance on MuchMusic.

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