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Mike's picture of BPM and Keys

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[edit] Tour

Back in October 2013, the band announced that they will play more tracks from Hybrid Theory live again, this includes Runaway, By Myself, Forgotten, Cure for the Itch, and Pushing Me Away. Linkin Park was confirmed to headline with 30 Seconds to Mars on The Carnivores Tour later this year.

[edit] Album

They will also release a new album this year. In 2013, Mike Shinoda also published a picture via Instagram with a list of BPM and Keys of possible songs for their upcoming album. Chester Bennington announced in a Interview, that the album will have electronic but also death-metal influences.

Mike Shinoda recently hinted in a status update on his blog that the sixth album will be released in summer of 2014.

The new album is titled as, The Hunting Party. It will be the band sixth atudio album.

[edit] January

Linkin Park played 3 shows in January.

[edit] February

On February 26th, there are people confirming that the follow-up album to the fifth album, Living Things, is scheduled to be released in either in March or April with a new single that is scheduled to be released by the end of February. If the single is released by then, the new album would be ready, like in the past "Burn It Down" was released after the Living Things recording sessions were done while the songs were being mixed. So if there is a new single, then the new songs for the new album are being mixed. So far, there isn’t any announcements yet on what the title for the next album is going to be.

[edit] March

On March 5, the song "Guilty All the Same", which features African-American rapper Rakim, was premiered through Shazam, for the upcoming sixth untitled studio album. People are suggesting that the new album is or not titled as The Hunting Party since it was seen on Brad Delson's notepad of the song titled as The Hunting Party 6.14. The album might be released on June 14th, the day where the band is schedule to play Hybrid Theory in full at the Download Festival. "Guilty All the Same" was released on March 6. It was officially released a day later on March 7.

The band's sixth studio album was later revealed to be titled as The Hunting Party, and it is set to be released on June 17, 2014, the album sound dates back to the same way the band used to write their music but the music will be a littlebit heavier.

[edit] May

On May 6, Until It's Gone was released via Warner Bros. and Machine Shop.

[edit] June

On June 17th, Linkin Park's comeback studio album, The Hunting Party will be released.

[edit] August

The band will began their Carnivores Tour with 30 Seconds To Mars and AFI.

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