Militia EP

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Militia EP
Militia -EP- cover.jpg
Album Type EP
Released November 22, 2006
Length 19:52
Genre Rap & Hip-Hop
Rap Rock
Label Machine Shop
Producer Mike Shinoda
Shawn Carter (exec.)

Fort Minor Militia EP, often known as Militia, is the first official EP by Linkin Park co-lead vocalist Mike Shinoda for his hip-hop-based project Fort Minor, and it is produced by Machine Shop in CD format and digital download. Executive production is done by Jay-Z, credited as "Shawn Carter".


The album is called an EP, due to extremely short length of 19:52 minutes. The Fort Minor Militia EP was released in 2006 for the Fort Minor Militia, which is the official fan club for Fort Minor. There were various artist included in the album like Los Angeles rap duo Styles of Beyond, Demigodz fellow rapper Celph Titled, Cypress Hill Latin percussionist Eric Bobo, and American singers Holly Brook and Jonah Matranga.


The Militia EP was released in November 22, 2006 for the Fort Minor Militia, the official Fort Minor Fanclub. Subscribers were given exclusive tracks for digital download that were never officially released (with the exception of "Kenji (Interview Version)" and "Believe Me (Club Remix)", which were later released to Linkin Park's and Styles of Beyond's official websites, respectively).

Track Listing[edit]

# Title Length
1 Do What We Did (featuring Styles of Beyond) 3:32
2 Kenji (Interview Version) 2:20
3 Tools of the Trade (featuring Celph Titled & Styles of Beyond) 3:22
4 Where'd You Joe (featuring Holly Brook) 3:35
5 Believe Me (Club Remix) (featuring Bobo & Styles of Beyond) 3:37
6 Start It All Up 2:52
7 Move On (featuring Mr. Hahn) 1:54

Special Edition Bonus Tracks[edit]

# Title Length
8 Where'd You Go (PRYDE Remix) (featuring Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga) 3:33
9 Where'd You Go (Big Bad Remix) (featuring Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga) 4:06
10 Where'd You Go (S.O.B. Remix) (featuring Holly Brook & Jonah Matranga) 3:17
11 Hype (Mike Shinoda)  :46
12 Strange Things 3:10
13 Petrified (Los Angeles Remix) 3:32