15.11.2003 San Bernardino, California

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San Bernardino, California
National Orange Show Events Center
Smoke Out Festival
November 15th, 2003

01. Papercut (ext. intro: Live Debut)
02. Points Of Authority
03. Don’t Stay
04. Somewhere I Belong
05. It’s Goin’ Down (first performance since [[|]])
06. Lying From You
07. Nobody’s Listening (first performance since [[|]])
08. With You
09. Runaway
10. BREAKING THE HABIT (Live Debut; piano intro)
11. From The Inside (ext. intro: Live Debut)
12. Faint
13. Numb
14. Crawling (w/ short KRWLNG’)
15. In The End (ext. intro & bridge: Live Debut)
16. A Place For My Head
17. One Step Closer (w/ ‘1STP KLOSR’)

Show Notes:
- The band invited Xzibit out on 'It's Goin' Down'.
- Cypress Hill's B-Real and Body Count's Ice-T came out on 'One Step Closer'.
- This is likely the first time ever that the 'From The Inside' intro was played.
- 'Nobody's Listening' was extended. After the second verse, Mike continued and rapped the first verse from 'Standing In The Middle.'
- This is the first time that 'Breaking The Habit' was played live.
Other Notes:
- Most events at this venue are held in a tent of some sort (or multiple tents), but the Main Stage was set up outdoors.
- The lineup for the Second Stage was: Israel Vibrations, CEE-LO, MC Supernatural, Aceyalone, SX-10, Boo Ya Tribe, Level, Benn

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