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Album The Hunting Party
Released June 17, 2014
Length 2:46
Genre Rock
Label Warner Bros.
Machine Shop
Tempo (BPM) 135 (~115 at the end)
Key E minor (C minor at the end)
Producer Mike Shinoda
Brad Delson

Drawbar is the tenth track from Linkin Park's sixth studio album, The Hunting Party. It was scheduled to be released on June 17, 2014 through Warner Bros. and Machine Shop. The song features a guest appearance from Tom Morello of American rock band Rage Against the Machine. It is produced by Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda.


This is an interlude and they fully did not take advantage of Tom's playing. It's largely piano driven and the guitar is faded behind it. It honestly sounded like a classic rock 60's guitar sound behind the piano. A hardcore fan of Linkin Park thought this was the end of "Mark the Graves", but this was it... The piano was beautiful and it was a good break between the action, calling this track really floaty almost A Thousand Suns worthy.

Mike Shinoda stated in an interview about collaborating with Tom Morello from Rage Against the Machine with Revolvermag.com:

“With Page and Daron and Tom, we sat and talked to each of them about their process and our process. Everybody writes songs differently, and I think fans would be surprised at how different it can be. With Morello, we just got together and jammed. We’re so far from a jam band, and that’s all he does, as far as writing. Rage Against the Machine wrote their songs by jamming them out; we write our songs on the computer, and then learn them after we’ve written what to play. But we got together with him and jammed, and that little interlude, that instrumental, was the best thing we made together. It didn’t end up being a song—we tried putting some vocals on it, but it just didn’t feel like that.”


While admittedly not quite the style of music you'd expect to hear Tom Morello guitar work on, "Drawbar" serves as a dark and atmospheric piano/guitar driven postlude to "Mark the Graves" that allows the listener to take a breath and reflect before the next track begins. Drawbar ends with a solo piano which contains parts of Final Masquerade.


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