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Linkin Park (1996 - present) [band-name (Early 2000 - Present)], originally known as Hybrid Theory and Xero, is an alternative band mainly from Los Angeles, California, signed onto Warner Bros. Records, and still currently signed onto Machine Shop Recordings (founded by Linkin Park members Mike Shinoda and Brad Delson).

Band Biography[edit]

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The band was known earlier as Xero at the start of their career. By adding Chester Bennington, after Mark Wakefield's departure, they became Hybrid Theory. Due to a legal challenge to Hybrid Theory, they changed the name of the band again to Linkin Park. The name Linkin Park comes from a small park named Lincoln Park (which was the band name but was changed immediately and wanted their own web domain) in Santa Monica, California, where Chester stayed after coming from Arizona. Due to the frequency of Lincoln Parks in the United States, the band at the start of its career would often be mistaken for a local band, eventually dubbing themselves "the nationwide local band."


Former Members[edit]


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Related Organizations[edit]

Linkin Park have numerous charities, businesses and fan organizations that have stemmed out during the course of their career.

Live Shows[edit]

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The current tours by the band are shown on the main article below the "Live Shows" article.