Meeting of A Thousand Suns

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Meeting of A Thousand Suns
A Thousand Suns (Black).jpg
Album Type Video album (As a limited edition bonus DVD)
Released September 8, 2010
Length 29:46
Genre Rock
Label Warner Bros.
Machine Shop
Director Ghost Town
Producer Bill Boyd
Matthew Primm
David May (DVD Post Producer)
Next Video Album A Thousand Suns+

Meeting of A Thousand Suns, also known as The Making of A Thousand Suns, is the eighth DVD by Linkin Park. It was released on September 8, 2010 through Warner Bros. and Machine Shop, recorded at various locations.


The release documented the band while recording their fourth studio album "A Thousand Suns". It was included in the limited edition of the album. It also features the band recording some demos like "Dingleberry", "Meadowlands", "Pac-Manny" and "Violent Lullaby". All of these demos are still left unreleased. But all the demos are modified and released as singles and tracks "When They Come for Me", "Waiting for the End", "Blackout" and "The Catalyst" respectively for the album.

Mike Shinoda's Blog[edit]

Mike Shinoda, on his blog post, said:

With the release of our album, we are also putting out a companion DVD called “Meeting Of A Thousand Suns.” This documentary is easily one of the most powerful insights into our creative process ever recorded. It’s a revealing look into the personalities of the band: our fears, our victories, and the journey that we took to make A Thousand Suns. For everyone who gets the special edition or box set: this is what’s on the DVD.

Unlike the other Making of documentaries the band has done, this features various effects in both the audio and video, which constitute a lot of flashing imagery and loud noises at random points when someone is talking. This leads to uncomfortable viewing for many, and is not recommended to epileptic viewers. It isn't known why this was done.

Track Listing[edit]

# Title Length
1 Intro 1:29
2 All the band Members 3:02
3 Rick Rubin  :50
4 Recording songs and searching for some new music 3:15
5 Sampling for Blackout by Mike and Joe  :58
6 Writing Lyrics and recording some vocals (Recording of Waiting for the End) 2:33
7 Listening to Violent Lullaby (The Catalyst Demo) 3:08
8 Recording and listening to various songs (Wretches and Kings, When They Come for Me, Blackout and Burning in the Skies)  :45
9 Talking about the songs 1:00
10 Finding music from various instruments (Band Members seen playing various instruments like Harmonium, Bongos, Guitar, etc. (Even from some toys)) 2:09
11 4 Months until Album delivery Deadline (The recording of extra outro of When They Come for Me) 1:32
12 3 Months until Album Delivery Deadline"  :49
13 2 Months until Album Delivery Deadline (The band is worried about the deadline) 4:51
14 Climax and End Credits 5:35


Linkin Park[edit]

Chester Bennington – lead vocals
Rob Bourdon – drums, backing vocals
Brad Delson – guitars, backing vocals
Joseph Hahn – DJ, sampling, backing vocals
Dave Farrell – bass, backing vocals
Mike Shinoda – MC, vocals, beats, sampling, guitar


Produced by: Bill Boyd, Matthew Primm
Edited by: Mandy Brown, Mariana Blanco, Ryan Bartley
DVD-video producers: David May
Technical director: Linkin Park
Art direction and design: Mike Shinoda