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Ryan Shuck (born April 11, 1973 in Taft California) is the guitarist for Bucket of Weenies, and a lead singer of rock bands Orgy and Julien-K. He is also a guitarist of Dead By Sunrise, the side project of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, providing with backing vocals, synthist, and beat box vocals on the song called "In The Darkness" from the 2009 album called Out of Ashes.


Shuck was born and raised in Taft, a small town in California, as he was being an artist for years. He painted with his grandmother as a child, then sold the paintings at local art shows.

At sixteen years of age, he discovered music for himself when he picked up a guitar first. He moved on soon to experiment keyboards and other electronic instruments. He also learned that he can sing. In order to combine his love for music, design, and fashion, he left Taft at age eighteen in order to move from Taft to Bakersfield and enroll to become a hair dresser at a Cosmetology school.


Shuck became friends with Jonathan Davis, originally from alternative metal band Sexart, sharing their love of fashion, heavy music, and electronic/dance music. They were joined by Ray Solis on guitars, David DeRoo of Adema on bass guitars, and Dennis Shims on the drums. The only song they released to the public was "Inside", being joined by Ty Elam of Videodrone on vocals. When Davis left the band to join Korn, Shuck also left eventually to form Orgy and Julien-K. The two songs he co-wrote for Korn were "Blind" and "Daddy".

He also joined Chester Bennington's side Dead By Sunrise for the first studio album Out of Ashes on October 13th, 2009, before being currently on hiatus from October 2011 to present, after Elias Andra and Brandon Belsky's departure in 2012 and in 2011.