When They Come for Me/Underground

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When They Come for Me/Underground
Eminem Linkin Park Collision Course II.jpg
Album Collision Course II (with Eminem)
Released December 19, 2012
Length 5:49
Genre Alternative Rock
Electronic Rock
Rap Rock
Label Warner Bros.
Tempo (BPM)
Producer Mike Shinoda
Marshall Mathers
Blaze Audio

For the Linkin Park song, see When They Come for Me. For the Eminem song, see Underground.

When They Come for Me/Underground is a collaborative song by Eminem and Linkin Park. It originally appeared from the twelve- track EP Collision Course II, that was released in December 19, 2012.


The music from Eminem's Underground that originally from album Relapse, is used replacing first and second rap verses of Linkin Park's When They Come for Me which originally from their fourth studio album release, A Thousand Suns.


Chester Bennington + Mike Shinoda + Eminem:
I'm down here under the ground
Pick me up, broken tibias fibias yeah fix me up
60 sluts, all of them dying from asphyxia
After they sip piss through Christopher Reeves sippy cup
Dixie cups, toxins, boxes of oxipads
Enough oxi-cotton to send a fucking ox to rehab
Whack job in the back in a black stocking cap
Jacking off to a hockey mask at a boxing match (He can't say that)
Yes he can, I just did faggot, now guess again
Better text message your next of kin, tell em shits about to get extra messy especially when I flex again
Throw a fucking lesbian into wet cement
Faggidy, faggidy, fagidy, ragidy Ann and Andy,
NO! Ragidy, Andy and Andy
NO! It can't be, it can't be
Yes it can be, the fucking Antichrist back Danny and Satan in black satin panties
This is Amityville, calamity god damn it insanity pills fanny pack filled with Xanax
Through every nook and cranny looking for trannies
Milk and cookies spilled on my silk
Negligee lookie
Razor blades with me to make you bleed,
Cases of Maybelline make-up laying on the table of weed
Slim Shady shit sounds like a fable to me
Until he jumps out of the fucking toilet when you're taking a pee

And all the people say
Try to catch up, motherfucker

Tell the critics I'm back and coming to spit it back in abundance
Hit a fag with onions and split a bag of fonions
Mad at me understandable, cannibal shoot an animal out of a cannon and have him catapult at an adult!
Captain of a cult, with an elite following to turn Halloween back into a trick or treat holiday
Have Micheal Myers looking like a liar, swipe his powers
Replace his knife with flowers and a stack of fliers
Hit Jason Vorhees with 40's
Stuck a suppository up his ass and made him tell me a story
Gave Hannibal Lecter a fucking nectarine sat him in a fucking fruit and vegetable section and gave him a lecture
Walked up Elm street with a fucking wiffle bat drew fought
Freddy Krueger and Edward Scissor Hands too
Came out with a little scratch, ooh
Looking like I got in a fucking pillow fight with a triple fat goose
Insanity, can it be vanity, where is the humanity
And having a twisted fantasy with an arm and leg amputee
Straight jacket with a hundred eight brackets
With a strap that wraps twice around my back then they latch it
Cut your fucking head off and ask you where you're headed off to,
Get it? Headed off to (haha)
Medic this headache's awful
This anesthetic is pathetic so is this diabetic waffle
And this prosthetic arm keeps crushing my hard taco


Oh, when they come for me
Come for me, I'll be gone



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